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AuthorWilliam Claypool
PublisherMeadow Lane Press
Book DescriptionIn The Rice Thieves, two Hong Kong nationals scheme to steal the seeds of a remarkable experimental strain of rice from a U. S. Department of Agriculture facility in Hawaii. Experienced in pirating western technology, the thieves successfully smuggle the stolen seeds to Hong Kong. The rice, developed by a U.S. agriculture technology company, grows faster and produces more rice than standard seeds. The thieves know these "super" seeds will result in amazing fortunes for them in China. Using their government connections, they gain rapid access to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, which is under severe pressure to ensure that domestic rice production quotas are satisfied., , When the seed theft is discovered in Hawaii, a team consisting of two U.S. government agents and two U.S. civilians, is assembled to identify who has stolen the super rice seeds and to determine the extent of its cultivation in China. The team travels from Hawaii to Hong Kong to track down the thieves and follow the trail of the smuggled rice. What the team comes to learn is that this simple theft is anything but simple and that this agricultural espionage may have serious global consequences., , The Rice Thieves will appeal to readers who enjoy a fast paced storyline and geopolitical suspense. Several of the main characters in The Rice Thieves will be familiar to readers from William Claypool's earlier novel, The Cocaspore Project.
Editorial ReviewThe Rice Thieves begins in New Zealand, where Mike, a newcomer to the small town of Oban, has retired from the Navy and is recovering from an injury. His plans for the next stage of his life are changed by his meeting with Ani, a Maori beauty and with a phone call he receives that drags him into an investigative world that he thought he'd left behind. As The Rice Thieves unfolds, readers are treated to a series of twists and turns. The plot builds slowly, taking time to create and flush out a myriad of characters and special interests. It evolves into a story about an international intelligence mission filled with corrupt people, money, power, and an Admiral's passionate focus on industrial/agricultural espionage. CIA intelligence efforts and advanced spy operations keep the story supercharged with action as the story barrels down on a revelation that could affect hundreds of millions of people. The Rice Thieves creates a strong interplay between personalities and economic and geopolitical issues. The author takes the time to effectively build tension. The Rice Thieves demonstrates the dangers of international special interests in revealing how a simple, basic product development can go awry. The result is an epic thriller that spreads its plot over a global arena. It is highly recommended for fans that enjoy stories of scientific dangers and intrigue mixed with a diverse array of characters whose interactions and involvements in agricultural espionage hold lasting ramifications not only for particular nations, but also for the entire human race. Midwest Book Review 'The Rice Thieves has pretty much all you could ever want out of an action tale--love, violence, patriotism, and discussions about the importance of food production'. The Rice Thieves is an international caper featuring what could be one of the most innovative robberies ever committed to print. This spy story features action, sharp dialogue, and discussions about the global importance of a certain protein- and carbohydrate-rich crop. Franco is a former US intelligence officer looking for the quiet life in New Zealand. Unfortunately, an old Navy friend pulls him into a major case involving the USDA and a secretive research facility in Hawaii. Beyond that, a pair of smugglers in Hong Kong have been on the receiving end of a new strain of rice that may hold the solution to China's growing demand for more rice production. What connects the two cases is a particularly nasty little devil inside the US government's secret plant development industry. Once in the heart of China's Cantonese region, Franco stumbles upon a frightening nexus of genetic research, GMOs, spies, weapons, and members of the Chinese Communist Party. Although a work of fiction, The Rice Thieves could very easily happen tomorrow... Author William Claypool deftly produces a thriller jam-packed with scientific facts and information...Claypool's scenes in the hectic streets of southern China and Hong Kong are well wrought and absolutely fun. The Rice Thieves is a solid and quick jaunt through the world of globalized crime. Claypool's writing is unadorned and sparse. Nothing gets in the way of the story, which contains all of the best attributes of a popular potboiler. The Rice Thieves has pretty much all you could ever want out of an action tale--love, violence, patriotism, and discussions about the importance of food production in the twenty-first century. BENJAMIN WELTON (August 16, 2017) Foreword Clarion Review
Number of Pages320

The Rice Thieves Paperback

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