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The Roads To Damascus: A Mystery Novel Paperback

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AuthorLynda McDaniel
PublisherLynda McDaniel
Publication Date28-Feb-18
Book DescriptionHe got what he'd always wanted ..., , ... then lost it., , Trying to find it again could cost him everything., , Abit Bradshaw finally made it back to school--only to be thrown out when a trio of con artists fleeced his school and blamed him., , His neighbor Della Kincaid can help. A former crime reporter, she knows how to chase down leads ... but she can't chase the crooks. Only one person can do that., , Will Abit find the courage to fight for the one thing that really matters to him?, , Follow him as he travels the twists and turns of the Virginia mountains seeking payback from the desperate trio. His life-changing journey brings him face-to-face with menacing characters who conspire to stop him ... and fellow victims who yearn for justice too., , Can he go it alone ... or will he find help along the way?, , But who can he trust?, , You'll love this suspenseful mystery because everyone loves a battle against all odds., , Get it now., , The Roads to Damascus is the second novel in the Appalachian Mountain Mysteries series by award-winning author Lynda McDaniel. If you like atmospheric settings, fascinating characters, and suspenseful investigations, you'll love this series., , "WHAT A GREAT FOLLOW-UP TO A Life for a Life. After finishing [that] book, I longed to discover more about Abit and his new life away at school. I highly recommend this book." --Malena E., playwright and author, , "A DELIGHTFUL DISCOVERY! Grabbed me from the first page. Pick up this novel; I dare you to put it down." --Dr. Irene Willis, poet and author of Reminder , , "AFTER A LIFE FOR A LIFE I WAS EAGERLY ANTICIPATING THIS SEQUEL, and I was not disappointed. The suspense and plot twists were as riveting as before. The characters and relationships made the book so compelling." --Miles G.
Editorial Review*** LYNDA McDANIEL'S APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN MYSTERIES TRILOGY delivers page-turning drama without mounting body bags and over-the-top violence. Instead these books focus on inspiring, character-driven stories of suspense and relationships. Abit Bradshaw, in particular, has been stealing people's hearts since he debuted in 2016. "I JUST FINISHED THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS, having previously read A Life for a Life. Like delicious hors d'oeuvres, they left me panting for the next installment." --J. Porter "WHAT A GREAT FOLLOW-UP TO A Life for a Life, the first book in this series. ... After finishing [that] book, I longed to discover more about Abit and his new life away at school. ... I highly recommend this book." --Malena E., playwright and author "I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THE WHOLE GANG BACK from A Life for a Life.The wonderful character, Abit, has been expanding his horizons, but this time the reader has a chance to see this special young man's coming of age." --Virginia McCullough, author of Amber Light and Greta's Grace. MORE REVIEWS FROM READERS "ABIT IS A GENTLE SOUL. I found it difficult to put the book down. It flowed so easily. ... Read this one. I think you'll fall for Abit." "ONCE I STARTED THIS BOOK, I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN, and once again, it left me wanting more ... The characters are well drawn and totally engaging, but what is most captivating is the metaphysical thread that gently supports each character's journey of growth." "THE SECOND NOVEL IN THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN MYSTERIES trilogy is a sweet and exciting coming-of-age story of Abit Bradshaw. We met and fell in love with him in A Life for a Life. Now Abit is challenged to explore a world he didn't know existed. Come along on Abit's adventure, it won't disappoint!"
Number of Pages286