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The Vials of Our Wrath: Concerto For Rachel, Book One Paperback

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AuthorMark Leo Tapper
PublisherSousa House Press
Publication Date17-May-17
Book DescriptionIn the halcyon days of the twenty-third century, human beings are healthier, more beautiful, and more long-lived than ever before, thanks to regeneration therapy from the Global Health Directorate. The assassination of a Directorate scientist starts a war between a genocidal bureaucracy and a group of self-mutilating religious fanatics. To bring down the architects of her brave new world, Dr. Rosemary "Roger" Mitchell must navigate between the murderous Directorate Council and the extremists of the Community of Natural Aging (CONA) to save the world from the Directorate's eugenics and CONA's madness.
Editorial ReviewTapper's debut novel extrapolates from today's world and lands us in an all-too-plausible future in which genetic advances permit virtual immortality--for some. Our earth has become a desperate battleground, the ancient human will to power assuming bold new forms that the author captures with electric scenes and quite a masterful storytelling touch. The Vials of Our Wrath is a timely piece of work, especially chilling for readers here in Trump's America, where the specters of autocracy and the police state now rear their heads once again. Christopher Noel, Author of The Mind of Sasquatch and The Girl Who Spoke with Giants Reminiscent of the style of Philip K. Dick, The Vials of Our Wrath lures you into a polarized future that is eerily plausible where mankind stands on the brink of achieving immortality through medical science. The reader is compelled through a rich, layered story filled with dynamic characters-- you feel the depths of their compassion and the shallowness of their deceit. Fans of A. G. Riddle, would be sure to enjoy this premier title by Mark Leo Tapper that grips your imagination from the first page. Dragon Award Finalist, Amy J. Murphy, Author of the Allies and Enemies Trilogy
Number of Pages258

The Vials of Our Wrath: Concerto For Rachel, Book One Paperback

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