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The Wedding Killer: A Jake Badger Mystery Thriller Book 4 Paperback

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AuthorGlenn Rogers
PublisherSimpson & Brook, Publishers
Publication Date16-Jan-18
Book DescriptionBoth Jake and Monica felt the energy of the high-powered slug pass between them, only inches from their faces, as the minister was asking Monica if she would take Jake to be her lawfully wedded husband. The back of Pastor John Phillips' head exploded as bullet passed through his skull. Jake, a former marine sniper, knew immediately what had happened, and knocked Monica to the ground, covering her with his body. But there were no more shots ... Why had someone killed the minister? Discovering who killed Pastor John Phillips and why, will take Jake and Monica on a journey into the minister's past, revealing a connection to some very powerful and deadly people in the present.
Editorial ReviewImagine the minister being assassinated by a sniper in the middle of your wedding vows. That is what happens to Jake Badger and his fiancé, Monica. That murder triggers some serious multi-tasking as Jake and Monica search for the killer or killers, and take on several other investigations at the same time. A missing child, a stolen painting, extortion and betrayal all play a part in another great murder mystery penned by Glenn Rogers. It is easy to fall in love with Jake and Monica and their close friends while you still wonder who done it. Get some sleep before you turn a page, because once you begin you won't want to put it down. Doug B.
Number of Pages312