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Until The Gull Returns Hardcover

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Author 1Norm Minor
Book DescriptionOn the outside, Rebecca Cunningham appears to have everything a Boston Brahmin needs-beauty, intelligence, wealth, an MBA, and now a law degree. But on the inside, Becky is in turmoil. She has finally accepted that her knight in shining armor is never going to appear and reluctantly agrees to marry Derek Sanderson, a handsome, upper-crust suitor. Their wedding is to be the social event of the year, if not the entire decade. But there is only one problem: Becky's heart belongs to another man, one who scarcely knows she exists. For years, the man of her dreams, whom Becky only sees occasionally in real life, has had a starring role in her erotic fantasies. Torn between maintaining her reputation of always doing the right thing and wanting to follow her heart, Becky seeks counsel from her friends, who beg her to delay the wedding. Finally convinced, Becky tells Derek the news, setting off a chain of events that lead her down an unexpected path where she discovers secrets lurking within Derek's family-secrets with the potential to ruin all of them. In this compelling tale, a Boston Brahmin must do all she can to survive with her heart intact as intrigue, heartache, and betrayal invade her life and change it forever.