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Wayward : The Legends Of Gilia The Sword Chronicles Volume I Hardcover

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Author 1Ronald Long
Book DescriptionFans of fantasy epic Lord of the Rings will appreciate a new epic series by Ronald Long. , , A self-proclaimed savior. A bumbling goblin henchman. A general late to meet his troops. A man with no memory awash on the shore. Each will play a role in brutal war that will cover the land of Ruyn. , , Ealrin Bealouve is a man with no past. Found on the shores of Good Harbor along with the wreckage of his ship, he learns that the continent of Ruyn will soon be plunged into darkness and conflict. Tasked with preserving peace and upholding the ancient traditions of unifying the races of elves, dwarves, and men, Ealrin journeys towards a fight that, with each passing day, becomes intertwined with who he will choose to become. , , Follow a dynamic cast of characters and discover that the fate of a continent rests on the shoulders of those who are willing to give their lives to protect what they hold most dear. For Ealrin, only fate can say whether he'll survive the coming war.
Editorial ReviewOne of my favorite aspects of the story is the character development. This book is part Lord of the Rings, part Treasure Island, and yet at the same time, all its own. I truly enjoyed reading this book so much that as soon as I finished it I picked up the second book so I could continue the series. A promising start from author Ronald Long. I had a hard time getting anything else in the house done while this book was on my mind... I had to finish it!
PublisherRetrovert Books