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AuthorTed Bell
PublisherWilliam Morrow & Company
Publication Date41723
Book DescriptionAn esteemed former CIA director dies off the coast of Maine. , , Another senior CIA officer is found dead of a "heart attack" in a posh Paris hotel. Counterspy Alex Hawke and his friend Ambrose Congreve think this could be more than coincidence. Hawke discovers that the victims are connected through one man: Spider Payne, a rogue intelligence officer whose dangerous exploits got him barred from the CIA. Now Spider believes he's been wronged and is out for vengeance--and Alex Hawke is his number-one target., , Hawke's only hope is to lure his deadly enemy into a trap he can't escape--and it's a place Hawke knows better than anyone: his seaside home in Bermuda., , Includes a sneak preview of Warriors, the exhilarating new novel in the Alex Hawke series.
Number of Pages208