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كتاب رسم ماجيك ووتر Assorted Packging

رقم الموديل : LT2995
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الميزات الأساسية
  • Reusable drawing board once you color the pictures are very vivid and colorful as soon as they dry the colored areas disappear and the pages can be colored again and again
  • This drawing book gives you a chance to bond with your baby a warm moment together at the same time it is an promotion fine motor skills like early writing skills drawing skills and visual discrimination
  • Chunky size water pen is easy to fill easy to hold great fun for your baby and child
  • Lightly to paint easy to draw mothers do not have to worry about the baby dirty themselves and the surrounding environment not to worry about sharp pen will hurt the baby
  • Unique gift for child great educational toys for baby early development it'll fit comfortably in toddler day pack making it an ideal travel toy in the car or on the plane
Easy to useYes
High QualityYes
Mounting TypeTabletop
Eco- friendlyYes
اسم اللونAssorted Packging
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كتاب رسم ماجيك ووتر Assorted Packging

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