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Posca PC-3M Soft Colours 8PCS 0.9-1.3MM

120.00 د.إ.‏
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الميزات الأساسية
  • Bullet Shaped 0.9 - 1.3 mm. The PC-3M tip is a favorite of experts. it will enable you to customize, create, decorate , or highlight whatever inspire you.
  • Creative Minded – Posca paint pens were designed for the creative minded, use our markers for decorating photos, glass writing, skateboarding, t-shirt designs, coloring potted plants, rock painting, embellishing caps, and more.
  • POSCA is permanent on porous surfaces, can be removed from glass, and does not bleed through paper. You can mix the color while the paint is still wet and layer on top of each shade after the paint has dried.
  • Reversible Tips – Reversible bullet tips allow Posca markers to last twice as long as other markers; To reveal the other side of the tips, simply pull the bullet nib out to reveal one of two sides, from 0.9mm to 1.3mm.
  • Safety First – Posca markers are non-toxic, which means our pigment formula does NOT contain alcohol like other markers, each Posca marker is water-based which means it’s alcohol-free, waterproof, and still lightfast.
  • Crazy Versatile – Posca paint markers have been professionally tested and used on over 50 different surface types, which means you’re covered whether you’re using a canvas, fabric, acrylic, metal, surfboard, rocks, windshields, or anything else.
  • Obvious Choice – This 8 count Posca marker set was meticulously and thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Japan, making our markers the obvious choice for professionals, amateurs, and everyone in between.
اسم الموديلPC-3M
عدد القطع8PCS

Posca PC-3M Soft Colours 8PCS 0.9-1.3MM

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