Actifry Express Deep Fryer 1Kg FZ751028 White

رقم الموديل: FZ751028

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Actifry Express Deep Fryer 1Kg FZ751028 White

  • AED 1150.00

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    البائع ALL IN ONE

    الضمان 1 year warranty

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ميزات المنتج

  • Patented hot air system and a paddle for even cooking
  • Smart build allows you to enjoy hands-free cooking
  • Retains the nutritious value of your food

نظرة عامة

• Just one spoon of oil for crispy and tasty chips… and much more • Only 3% fat** • Not only it can cook delicious chips but it can cook other ingredients too like meat or fish… It is even great for desserts! • Snacking accessory included • Capacity 1.2kg / Up to 5 persons • Up to 25% faster *** • Automatic stirring paddle • Dishwasher safe removable parts ** 1,2kg of fresh 10 x 10mm fries/chips, cooked to -52% weight loss, with 14ml of oil. ***Compared to cooking 1Kg of fresh 10x10mm fries/chips in an original 1 kg ActiFry


Model NumberFZ751028
Capacity1 L