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Author 1Max McKeown
Book DescriptionThis revolutionary new book harnesses the essence of human survival – the ability to adapt – to help people succeed in business and all other aspects of life. Through natural selection, humans have adapted unconsciously to their environment. Strategy and innovation expert, Max McKeown, draws on millions of years of evolution to create a practical and strategic set of rules which take adaption from an involuntary coping strategy to a deliberate winning strategy. To show how adaptability works McKeown looks at a rich set of examples, problems and situations. He includes the 15-year old geneticist working from his basement, and the Italian town that said no to seemingly inevitable change. Along the way, he visits the adaptation of Western technology to the social structures of sub-Saharan Africa and explores how quantum games may solve the world's trickiest problems. He looks inside global corporations like Starbucks, Netflix and McDonald's to see how they flirt with extinction, create internal barriers to adaptation, and adapt to transcend their situation. Adaptability proves that innovation is important but not enough. Strategy, branding, marketing and operations are all useful, but insufficient. And highlights that the ability to adapt smarter and faster than the situation changes is what makes the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.
Editorial Review"This is a book for our times. The call for adaptability could not be clearer or more urgent. Whether we respond with clarity and purposefulness is up to us but Mckeown's book gives many clues and clear examples of those who have succeeded (and failed) to do exactly that." George Kelsey, Chief of Innovation at RBS Group. " Written by renowned strategy and innovation expert, Max McKeown, Adaptability draws on millions of years of evolution, to create a practical and strategic set of powerful rules which take adaption from coping, to a winning strategy. This crucial guide will help readers make the most of any situation." "Strategy & innovation expert McKeown draws on millions of years of evolution, and comes up with a practical and strategic rules to take adaption from a coping to a winning strategy. The ability to adapt faster and smarter than immediate challenges distinguishes adapting to win from merely adapting to cope." Frank Dillon, Irish Times "This versatile book is officially classified as a business title, but the author's ingenious approach makes it useful in all endeavors, even in correcting a personal outlook that may be self-defeating." ~Julia Ann Charpentier, Foreward Review "The first rule of winning is that there is no one way to win--" success requires adaptation. It sounds simple, and McKeown, a consultant whose clients include Microsoft and Sony, deftly makes it so, expounding on relevant examples in confident, straightforward prose." ~ Publishers Weekly "[T]he author's ingenious approach makes it useful in all endeavors… This enlightening motivational tool helps the individual determine where a problem exists and how to fix it… Backed by solid research and references, McKeown provides a common-sense guide to adapting beyond the point of mere survival." --ForeWord Reviews "[G]rounded in diverse, concrete examples, McKeown's advice is germane enough to appeal to anyone stuck in a rut--from entrepreneurs to established companies." --Publishers Weekly "McKeown's primary objective in this book is to help his reader to understand when, how, and why to adapt "faster and smarter than the [given] situation changes." …McKeown provides an abundance of information, insights, and counsel. …[he] is well-aware of the importance of survival to countless individuals as well as to countless organizations and even countries throughout the world. However, his hope -- one that I share -- is that those who read this book will aspire to accomplishing more, much more than survival." --Robert Morris "I loved the examples…Without a doubt, yes, I would recommend this book." --Business Zen Blog "There are many books on strategy, one even written by McKeown, but Adaptability is different. In Adaptability, McKeown explains why the science of strategic planning might just give way to the art of reacting…or adapting." --The Leader Lab "This is a book that a broad audience will find valuable; business owners, entrepreneurs, employees and maybe even students. Adaptability will tickle your brain and get you thinking in new ways about how you might handle things differently." --Small Business Trends "History is not filled with stories of cultures or companies that managed to hold the status quo. History is filled with stories about those who dominated and those that disappeared. Companies need to figure out what being adaptable means to their organizations and how they use it to dominate. Max Mckeown's newest book is the road map they need." --Tac Anderson, Vice President, Head of Digital Strategies, EMEA at Waggener Edstrom "[A] powerful, practical, and inspirational guide to success in uncertain times. Examples from business, government, sports, military and wider society bring the rules of adaptability to life." --Business Book Summaries "McKeown offers case studies from companies you know, such as Starbucks, providing insight into familiar story lines. Some of his other examples aren't as famous but are just as compelling: He looks at civil war in Liberia, computer game development and Italian bureaucracy to flesh out his 17 rules …for adapting and, thus, succeeding. …[A]n eager reader can tease out techniques and ideas for becoming more adaptable, and McKeown offers warm, inspirational tales that provide general road maps for successful adaptation. getAbstract believes leaders of companies small or large looking to motivate their employees or themselves will find value here." --getAbstract "[W]ell written and well executed. The ideas Max McKeown puts forward are easy to understand. There are mind-blowing examples of individuals and well known companies adapting to and transcending new circumstances... A must-read in a time of uncertainty." --Pam McIlroy, Pamreader "I am a big fan of Max's writing style. He consistently makes the complicated simple, the difficult understandable, the philosophical real-world relevant, and the seemingly ordinary brilliant. He has an easy to read approach, but it took me a while to get through the book because I found myself spending time highlighting, underlining, making notes in the margins, and staring off into space contemplating the ideas presented. Good, good stuff. Adaptation is never easy. It requires letting go of the known, changing our perception, and jumping into uncertainty. Max shows us some ways to make the leap in the right direction." --Broc Edwards, Fool with A Plan "I really enjoyed it. …this is a great book filled with compelling arguments. I would definitely recommend you to read it regardless of the size of organisation you work in." "Adaptability is undoubtedly a winner for the richness of examples that are introduced in support of each rule. The author's wide experience, together with considerable research, have resulted in plenty of up-to-date, topical material. ...The book is packed with ideas that should fire all managers' imaginations - as well as providing a very good read." --Professional Manager "McKeown, an author, consultant, and speaker on strategy and innovation, enumerates 17 rules to help individuals and organizations increase their adaptability in an environment of uncertainty or in a changing situation." --Book News, Inc. "McKeown does a great job in highlighting case studies that support his claims both from the political and business perspective." --Ingrid Helsingen Warner, LEIDAR “As we don’t know where the next crisis is going to come from, Max’s concept of adaptive intelligence is extremely valuable. His model combining recognition, understanding, and implementation, offers a practical platform for going beyond merely coping and surviving, for breaking the rules, for making new rules – and for handling change in a positive, even fun, way. Who said that rapid change has to be difficult?” -- David A. Buchanan, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Cranfield University School of Management Leaders and managers who need to thrive in a world of brutal competition
PublisherKogan Page