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    About the AuthorMONI MOHSIN is the author of two books, the Indian bestseller, The Diary of a Social Butterfly, based on her hit column in Pakistan's Friday Times and a novel, The End of Innocence. Born in Pakistan, she lives in the UK.
    Author 1Moni Mohsin
    Book DescriptionOur plucky heroine's cousin, Jonkers, has been dumped by his low-class, slutty secretary wife, and our heroine has been charged with finding him a suitable replacement -- a rich, fair, beautiful, old-family type. Quickly. But, between you, me and the four walls, who wants to marry poor, plain Jonkers? As our heroine social-climbs her way through weddings, GTs (get-togethers, of course) and ladies' lunches trying to find a suitable girl, she discovers to her dismay that her cousin has his own ideas about his perfect mate. And secretly, she may even agree.
    Editorial Review"Moni Mohsin is one of the funniest and sharpist satirists writing anywhere in the world today -- she can make you laugh out loud even while she delivers hard-hitting critiques of Lahore high society and the state of Pakistani politics." —Kamila Shamsie "This is a wildly entertaining book, but, beware, it also bites." —Neel Mukherjee
    PublisherVintage Books