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From Trucial States To United Arab Emirates - Paperback

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    Author 1Frauke Heard-Bey
    Book DescriptionThe Trucial States had little to offer the outside world prior to the discovery of oil in 1960. Over the following twenty-five years, the longest surviving federation in the modern Arab world witnessed spectacular developments under the leadership of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This publication provides a well-indexed insight into the historical, social and tribal background of the United Arab Emirates.
    Editorial ReviewDie Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate Zwischen Vorgestern Und Ubermorgen ___________________ see picture #2 of the title for pic of synopsis in German ___________________ "The UAE's story is not easy to tell with clarity and adequate detail within the cover of a 500-page book. But Dr. Heard-Bey has accomplished this task with distinction." Edward Henderson, The Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs "It is pre-eminently a good book of reference worthy of constant consultation by anyone with more than a passing interest in the Gulf." Derek Riches, Asian Affairs "...a volume which will be of value both to the scholars of the region and to those whose interests are of a more immediate and practical nature." R. M. Burrell, Durrand's British Book News Few countries have changed as rapidly in the course of one generation at the United Arab Emirates. How did these momentous developments affect the society? This definitive book provides a solidly researched picture of the traditional way of life in the seven Trucial States, before the wealth from oil and the transformation into the most stable of federations in the Arab World opened completely new horizons. The author has lived in Abu Dhabi continuously since 1967 and has been ideally placed to provide an insight into the background behind many recent and current developments in the UAE. ___________________ Subtitle: From Trucial States to United Arab Emirates Author: Frauke Heard-Bey Format: softback Pages: 632 pages Dimensions: 214(h) x 137(w) Language: German Publication Date: March 2010 Photographs: 14 Maps: 9 ISBN No: 978 1 86063 2884
    Publication Date2010
    PublisherMotivate Publishing