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    About the AuthorMichael Connelly, a #1 New York Times bestselling novelist and a former journalist, has won numerous crime fiction prizes. He lives in Florida.
    Author 1Michael Connelly
    Editorial ReviewNine Dragons ignites Bosch's personal and professional lives, bringing them together in an explosive manner....Harry's feverish race against the clock and the international dateline...plunges the reader into a firestorm of danger and tragedy....To say that Nine Dragons is coiled tight with suspense understates Connelly's accomplishment in portraying Bosch at the cusp of a new world." (Los Angeles Times Paula L. Woods ) "A Michael Connelly novel is a thing of cool beauty, meticulously plotted, rigorously controlled... Nine Dragons, Bosch's crisp, cold-eyed rationality is blown to smithereens. Stoicism goes right out the window. And the vivid drama of this contrast gives the novel its ferocious energy. Once under way, you can't stop reading Nine Dragons, and not just because you want to know whodunit. You want to know how Bosch is going to operate in a whole new kind of darkness." (Chicago Tribune Julia Keller ) "May be the most wrenching Bosch novel yet....The jagged intersection between a cop's personal and professional lives is a recurring theme in many crime novels, but never has it been portrayed with the razor-edge sharpness and psychological acuity that Connelly brings to the subjects. And that's layered underneath the nonstop action of the novel's last half-the kind of full-throttle, blood-spattered narrative road race one associates with Lee Child or Stephen Hunter." (Booklist Bill Ott ) " of the best in this series. Nine Dragons works as a gripping police procedural, an intense character study and an international thriller...nnelly is one of the best living crime writers and the consistency of his work continues through Nine Dragons." (South Florida Sun-Sentinel Oline H. Cogdill ) "Bosch is back...this latest appearance is a complex and meticulously crafted tale...packed with jump and juice....This is Bosch at his sharpest and Connelly at his most engaging. High-voltage stuff." (Oregonian Katherine Dunn )
    Number of Pages480
    Publication Date1/1/2010
    PublisherOrion Publishing Ome

    Nine Dragons - Paperback

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