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    About the AuthorPaul Cherry is author of two successful books dedicated to helping sales professionals improve business relationships in order to ultimately close more deals: "Questions That Sell - The Powerful Process of Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants" (now, in a second edition) and "Questions That Get Results - Innovative Ideas Managers Can Use to Improve Their Teams' Performance" (with coauthor, Patrick Connor). His new book, "The Ultimate Sales Pro - What the Best Salespeople Do Differently" is being released in August 2018. A native of Wilmington, Delaware (outside of Philadelphia); Paul Cherry has over 20 years experience in corporate business-to-business sales training, developing management skills, building customer relationships, and closing more sales. He founded his own company, Performance Based Results (PBR) in 2004. PBR has provided services for organizations across United States and Canada, including locations in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The firm specializes in sales performance training, sales management training, and sales coaching for companies in a wide array of industries and markets. Performance Based Results (with Paul as president) offers programs that are customized to an organization's industry-specific language, market challenges, and corporate culture. PBR creates a plan of action that combines in-depth pre-training assessment, on-site workshops, one-on-one and in-the-field coaching — with reinforcement reporting and follow-up seminars that strive to increase return-on-investment. PBR utilizes its Sales Bridge Model (Research, Rapport, Discovery, Solution, Commitment, Motivation) as a foundation to develop training curriculums and target specific customer challenges. Paul Cherry has written over 250 articles for online resource centers and has been featured in leading print publications such as Inc., Investor's Business Daily, Selling Power, and Kiplinger's Personal Finance. He is also the creator of the audio book, "Top Sales Questions for Maximum Results."
    Author 1Paul Cherry
    Book DescriptionAs a salesperson your product knowledge is extensive, but that’s not enough. If you fail to ask the right questions—the ones that uncover a customer’s real needs—you will never close the deal. Questions that Sell reveals advanced questioning techniques that will help you sell your products or services based on value to the customer, rather than price—and increase your success rate as a result. Packed with powerful examples, exercises, and hundreds of sample questions for a wide range of buyer interactions, the revised and updated second edition now includes new material on how to: Use questions to qualify prospects (without insulting them) • Discover hidden customer needs and motivations • Raise delicate questions • Overcome stalls • Reinvigorate a stale relationship • Soothe anxious buyers • Accelerate the decision process • Upsell and cross-sell so you no longer leave money on the table • Prospect for new business • Pose intriguing questions to position yourself as a thought-leader on social media • Turn social media contacts into active sales leads • Identify dead-end opportunities • Secure referrals • And more Success is yours for the asking. Smart questioning will get you there
    Edition Number2nd Edition
    Number of Pages242
    Publication Date7-Dec-2017

    Questions That Sell Paperback 2nd Edition

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