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    About the AuthorDAWN MARIE GRAHAM, PH.D. is one of the nation's leading career coaches. She is Director of Career Management for the Executive MBA Program at The Wharton School, where she counsels business leaders on making strategic career choices. A licensed psychologist and former corporate recruiter, she hosts SiriusXM Radio's popular weekly call-in show Career Talk.
    Author 1Dawn Graham
    Book DescriptionDon't settle . . . SUCCEED in the right career! Are you stuck in an unsatisfying job? In the wrong profession? An industry that just isn't a fit? Get unstuck! Land a new career--one you're genuinely passionate about. Switchers helps you realize that dream. Written by celebrated career coach and psychologist Dr. Dawn Graham, the book provides proven strategies that will get you where you want to go. The first step is to recognize that the usual rules and job search tools won't work for you. Resumes and job boards were designed with traditional applicants in mind. As a career switcher, you have to go beyond the basics, using tactics tailor-made to ensure your candidacy stands out. The book reveals how to: Understand the concerns of hiring managers--and think like they do - Craft a resume that catches their attention within six seconds - Spotlight transferable skills that companies covet - Rebrand yourself--aligning your professional identity with your new aspirations - Reach decision-makers by recruiting "ambassadors" from within your network - Nail interviews by turning tough questions to your advantage - Convince skeptical employers to shelve their assumptions and take a chance on you - Negotiate a competitive salary and benefits package--even as a "newbie" to the field Career changers face unique challenges that demand fresh approaches. Packed with psychological insights, practical exercises, and inspiring success stories, Switchers helps you leap over obstacles and into a whole new field. Want to pull off the most daring--and fulfilling--career move of your life? Read Switchers.
    Number of Pages288
    Publication Date25-Jul-18

    Switchers Hardcover

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