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The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles - Hardcover 1

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About the AuthorShelby American gained almost instant recognition from the moment the first Cobra hit the street. The entire original Cobra/Ford GT/Shelby Mustang period spanned just over eight years, eight years filled with countless racing accomplishments, the World Manufacturer’s Championship, a 1-2-3 finish at LeMans, you name it and Shelby won it. The underdog did it, and to this day we are still rooting for him. And deservedly so. The stories and accomplishments are legendary, but none more so than what can only be described as the magic this company and its cars possess to this day. It was the perfect storm. Shelby found the right ingredients, the right talent, the right sponsors, the right drivers, and enough unbridled enthusiasm to take what some had called “a bunch of junk” out into the world and not come home until there wasn’t a challenge they didn’t win. Call it what you will - dumb luck, stubbornness, or just being in the right place at the right time, nobody can deny that we will never see the likes of anything like Shelby ever again. The Complete Book of Shelby is just that - a complete listing of Shelby automobiles. It is the story of every car ever touched by that Shelby magic. From Cobras to Mustangs, race cars to street cars, AC Cars to Toyota, it is your ticket to knowing a little more about every vehicle that Shelby "messed with" as the big Texan would say. Like anybody else, and any other manufacturer, Shelby had its ups and downs. There were great cars and cars we’d rather forget. But the story is indeed one of legend, and larger than life. The tale and the cars transcend traditional boundaries. It doesn’t matter if you are a Chevy person or a European car enthusiast, a drag racer or a road racer, into NASCAR or sports cars, or even if you're not even really a "car person" there is something about Shelby that appeals to us all. It is an American success story. And not one of us can ever deny we always respect the underdog who beat all the odds to come out on top. That, in a nutshell, is the story of Shelby American. And every one of the cars that follows has that DNA in it. Grab a copy of the Complete Book of Shelby, fasten your lap belt, and enjoy the ride.
Author 1Colin Cormer
Edition Number1
Editorial ReviewMuscle Car Review, January 2009 “Shelby’s story is oft-told, but this book brings together all of his vehicular projects – from the first Cobra (photographed before he had decided ton the name “Cobra”) to his latest hot Mustangs – with all the highs and lows in between. Author Comer delivers an amazing amount of history in a very readable fashion, and the old-time and contemporary photographs are reproduced beautifully.” The Shelby American (Shelby American Automobile Club), Fall 2009 “When you see a book described on its cover as being “complete,” your eyebrow automatically goes up. This is especially true when that adjective is describing a book on Shelby cars. There are so many examples, permutations and exceptions swirling around in the Cobra/Shelby universe that it’s almost a slam-dunk to imagine that something was overlooked. This is clearly not the case with SAAC member Colin Comer’s latest book. He tells the story and he gets it just right; he doesn’t gloss over the important stuff and it’s not a puff piece or an homage to Carroll Shelby. The glossy pages of this book have a very high quality feel to them. The reproduction of the photos are second to none and the colour values are perfect. You will not be disappointed with this book.” Examiner, October 15, 2009 The Complete Book of Shelby is just that - a complete listing of Shelby automobiles. And while the story of Carroll Shelby the man has been told over and over, finally, Comer has given Shelby enthusiasts what they want. Something fresh and new that talks less about the man and more about the cars. Pairing Comer's unique, entertaining writing style with never before seen archival photographs and current pictures, The Complete Book of Shelby is in a class all by itself.”
Number of Pages256
Publication Date16/11/2009