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The Contemporary Arab Reader on Political Islam - Paperback 1

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    Edition Number1
    Editorial Review"Internationally known scholar Ibrahim Abu-Rabi has produced another important contribution to the study of Islamic movements in the modern and contemporary Arab world. The articles in this volume, most of which have been written in the last decade, range over a variety of topics and themes. Numerous and diverse, they provide a fascinating examination of a range of Arab interpretations of Islam and Islamism, including reflections on jihad, Israel/Palestine, and responses to the West since 9/11. Abu-Rabi’s comprehensive introduction provides a cohesive context for these studies. Highly recommended for students of Islamist movements, contemporary political developments in the Middle East, and Islam in general." —Jane Smith, Harvard Divinity School "Over the last two decades, Ibrahim Abu-Rabi` has been a singularly trustworthy source of understanding modern Arab and Islamic intellectual history. His newly edited reader on contemporary Islamism in the Arab world could not have been timelier, when with every new headline the world is cast into a stupor about Islam, Islamism, and Islamic terrorism, terms increasingly interchangeable in the public domain. With a clear headed and judicious selection, predicated on an encyclopedic knowledge, Professor Abu-Rabi` has opened up a panorama of modern political thought that we scarce knew existed. The result is an absolutely indispensible compendium on contemporary Islamist movements that no student of current affairs on a global scale can ignore." —Hamid Dabashi, the Author of Islamic Liberation Theology: Resisting the Empire (2008) "These essays by the actors and experts of Islamism are the most enlightening documents that I have ever read. The ideological and geographic range of the essays' regional and historical settings is unmatched in its richness and analytical depth. This is a volume which allows major figures of the Islamic movement to take the reader beyond the West's fixation on Qutb and his violent rendition of Islamic thought. The reader is also aforded an unusual opportunity to appreciate the challenges facing the modern Islamic intelligentsia as it confronts native dictatorial regimes, Western systems of power, and false manifestations of Islamic legitimacy. Additionally, no recent study of Islamic thought has managed to shed light on the thought of significant but unappreciated figures as Abdullah Azzam and his impact on the anti-Soviet struggle in Afghanistan, or Sayyid Muhammad Hussain Fadlallah's contribution to the development of Shi'i ideology in Lebanon. But perhaps the greatest contribution of this study will emerge as its ability to demonstrate the intrinsic universalist and particularist features of modern political Islam." —Ghada Hashem Talhami, D. K. Pearsons Professor of Politics, Emerita Lake Forest College
    Number of Pages352
    Publication Date6/10/2010
    PublisherPluto Press