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The Death of Superman - Paperback New Edition

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    About the AuthorDan Jürgen's is a writer and artist most famous for creating Booster Gold as well as for being one of the main forces behind "The Death of Superman." He has written and/or illustrated titles such as Justice League America Captain America, The Sensational Spider-Man, Thor, Teen Titans Aqua Man DC's Tangent imprint, and the DC crossover known as ZERO HOUR. Jerry Ordway has been writing, drawing, and painting comic books professionally since 1980 - specifically on such titles as ALL-STAR SQUADRON, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, SUPERMAN, POWER OF SHAZAM, WildStar, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Tom Strong, WONDER WOMAN, The Messenger, and Proton. Louise Simonson is one of the best-known female writers working in the comic-book industry. She has risen to the top of the male-dominated business and has garnered acclaim for her work for Marvel and DC Comics, including SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL, X-Factor, Power Pack, STEEL, and New Mutants. Roger Stern has written for radio, television, the stage, and the Internet, creating scripts for everything from sketch comedy to flash-animation. For ten years, he was the senior writer of the Superman series, and has written hundreds of stories about such diverse characters as Green Lantern, Supergirl, Starman, and the Justice League for DC Comics; and Spider-Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and the Avengers for Marvel. His first prose novel, The Death and Life of Superman, was a New York Times bestseller.
    Author 1Dan Jurgen
    Author 2Jerry Ordway
    Author 3Louise Simonson
    Author 4Roger Stern
    Book DescriptionOne of the best selling graphic novels of all time is back in a new edition. Can even Superman stop the unstoppable creature called Doomsday? If the assembled might of the JLA can't do it, what hope does he have?
    Edition NumberNew Edition

    The Death of Superman - Paperback New Edition

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