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The Squeeze - Paperback

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    Author 1Tom Bower
    Editorial Review"Sweeping in scope and densely detailed...a rare and highly illuminating global perspective on the industry over the last two decades."―The New York Times "In this penetrating study of the modern petroleum industry, journalist and historian Bower) portrays the last 30 years as a time of both obscene profits and white-knuckle perils for the major oil companies.....his analysis of the industry and its shocking price swings is a persuasive one that eschews conspiracy theories and peak oil alarmism to focus on rising demand for reserves that are plentiful but hard to get at. The result is an illuminating look at a business whose real workings are more interesting than the mythology surrounding them."―Publishers Weekly "Oil couldn't be a hotter or messier topic, making Bower's sprawling exploration of its modern history - told through the perspectives of engineers, traders, an oligarch and industry players such as BP's John Browne and Exxon's Lee Raymond- all the more timely."―USA Today
    Publication Date7/2/1905

    The Squeeze - Paperback

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