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12 PCS Clear PVC Gift Bags With Handle Reusable Plastic Wrap Tote Bag Transparent Shopping Handbag

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  • Clear Design: The reusable bag is made of quality PVC material, safe, sturdy, waterproof, lightweight, and easy to clean, the clear design can display your delicate personal items or gifts, exquisite and trendy, which can be applied for a long time
  • Practical Handle: Gift bags are designed with hose handle which is reinforced by hot pressing, practical and reliable; The square design at the bottom of the clear bag not only improves the load bearing, but also increases the capacity of the bag.
  • Button Design: These clear favor bags are equipped with a small button at the opening, which could prevent stuff or item from slipping out, bringing you a smooth and comfortable using experience
  • Wide Usages: These clear goody bags can be applied to different occasions, such as shopping, wedding, engagement, baby shower, birthday, anniversary and more, providing you a colorful memory.
اسم اللونClear
الطقم يتضمن<p>Package Includes: Each package comes with 12 pieces of PVC clear bags, enough quantity for daily replacement, sharing with friends, and gift packaging for a party or celebration, which looks exquisite and expresses the nice wishes of the person giving the gift</p><p>Practical Design: the PVC gift wrap bag is designed with button for easy use and prevent things from slipping, adding a chic style, applied with a square bottom to make it easier to stand up, well presenting your gifts or keep party favors tidy</p><p>Wide Application: Transparent gift bags is suitable for birthday parties, weddings, baby shower, parties, variety store, shop and more, which can be applied as gift bags, shopping bags, goodie bags and DIY craft bags, bringing you convenience</p><p>Sizes Available: each tote wrap bag is 16 x 15 x 7 cm/20 x 15 x 7 cm/23 x 16 x 7 cm, ideal size to hold party favors or gifts; Please confirm whether the size meets the requirements before order, so as to avoid the size of the object is too large compared to the tote wrap bag, and cause the edge of the bag to break.</p><p>Reliable Material: Clear party favor bags are made of PVC plastic material, compared with paper plastic bags, which are waterproof, sturdy, and reusable, and has better load-bearing capacity, with transparent design, adding a chic sense to your bags and party favors</p>
كمية العبوةPack of 12

12 PCS Clear PVC Gift Bags With Handle Reusable Plastic Wrap Tote Bag Transparent Shopping Handbag

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