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Pogo Jumper for Kids Blue Fun and Safe Jumping Stick Durable Foam Bungee Ages 3 Up

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  • 【Comfortable and Easy】 The bottom of the foam pogo stick is soft enough to provide comfort for children's feet, enough to withstand pressure; it can be easily folded and stowed when not in use.
  • 【Fun Sports】 Foam pogo is great for bouncing around the house and or yard to get out that energy. Pogo jumper is a great way to help kids train hand-eye coordination, which can lead to greater dexterity and balance.
  • 【Best Gifts】 Foam pogo jumper is not only a daily exercise tool, but also a fun game for kids. It can be used as birthday gifts, holiday gifts, carnival games ect perfect gift. The foam pogo jumper are your best gift choice! Kids will sure like it!
  • 【Superior Material】 Kid jumper toy crafted from excellent elasticity rope, crip soft foam handle and resilien foam base, and the heavy duty components will withstand 250lbs will not damage the ground.
  • 【Keep Healthy】 With the continuous development of technology, children have changed from "playing out" to "playing at home".

Pogo Jumper for Kids Blue Fun and Safe Jumping Stick Durable Foam Bungee Ages 3 Up

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