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Hero 11 Creator Edition

رقم الموديل : HERO 11 Creator Edition
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  • Hollywood in your hand, the game-changing hero11 black with unbelievable image quality, a super-versatile hand grip with all-day charge and one-handed control, tons of mounting options, light, sound and unlimited cloud backup, it’s everything you ne
  • One shot share anywhere a larger new image sensor gives you an extra-large canvas to play with, the expansive field of view lets you zoom, crop or change digital lenses to nail any look when editing
  • Get pro-level video with cinematic 5k, ultra-sharp 5.3k video resolution makes everything you shoot look super professional, with 8x slo-mo at a stunning 2.7k and 24.7mp frame grabs from video
  • Emmy award winning video stabilization hyper smooth 5.0 raises the for in-camera video stabilization, giving you impossibly smooth footage no matter how rough it gets, no gimbal or special software required for professional results 2021 technol
  • Auto boost with hyper smooth 5.0, hero11 black automatically determines the level of video stabilization you need based on your speed and movement for the smoothest, widest shots possible
  • Built in horizon lock your horizon will stay level even if the camera tilts while recording, and now that horizon lock is a built-in part of hyper smooth 5.0, it’s easier than ever to keep the horizon steady and consistent when your camera rotates
  • Power to shoot all day, the creator edition features a versatile battery grip loaded with built-in features
  • Extended battery power powered grip combines with your camera’s battery for 4 hours of 4k/30 recording time
  • Single hand control integrated camera buttons for easy one-handed control
  • Built in tripod flip out the tripod legs for time-lapse, a group photo or any other stable shot
  • Wireless remote detach the grip and control your camera from up to 98 ft away
اسم اللونBlack
دقة الكاميرا24.7 MP
محتويات العلبةSports And Action Camera
رقم الموديلHERO 11 Creator Edition
اسم الموديلHERO 11 Creator Edition

Hero 11 Creator Edition

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