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All Is Forgiven: Memoirs Of A Killer Paperback

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Author 1Linda L Russo
Book DescriptionThe streets of Scottsdale were quiet at ten thirty that night. Sara Bocelli had a bone to pick with Scumbag, her ex-husband, and she was out to get him. But this wasn't her first murder. Sara was so good at what she did that her uncle Tony, head of organized crime down at the Jersey Shore and which Sara called the Unorganized Guys, hired her, Billy the Kid, and his protÉgÉ Max to even out some scores. After Sara's first kill, she leaves New York City and uses her talents internationally-the countries and jungles of South America, the villages and cities of Europe, over to Morocco, and to Europe. When she returns to America, Sara learns about a RAT (remote access tool) to install into computers to lure her next kill out of his office. And then, she meets the love of her life, causing her to balance an existence between murder and emotions as she goes on to become, of all things, a court reporter in the Federal Court in Washington DC. Who will be next?
PublisherLinda L Russo