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AuthorShirley Topping Maxwell
Publication Date28-Dec-13
Book DescriptionIn the dark, clandestine heart of Washington D.C, a top-secret file containing a list of names has been hacked by the leader of a band of fanatical terrorists. The Killer's List is the exciting sequel to, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, and the escapades of a band of Special Forces soldiers who surreptitiously entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses. Abdul, one of the Taliban, is intent on seeking revenge against these soldiers for the death of his family who perished in a cave explosion. He has the names of all whom he blames for their deaths. He enters Canada and crosses the border into America. His mission; travel to Boston to join forces with his terrorist brothers and cross the country to kill each of the soldiers and anyone else who gets in their way. Josh Baker, one of the Special Forces officers, meets and falls in love with beautiful, feisty red-headed Jennifer O'Neill, a state trooper from Swansboro, North Carolina. When the two team up with the Special Forces soldiers at Josh's ranch in Bakersville, NC to formulate a plan, they find themselves surrounded by the terrorists.
Number of Pages268