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AuthorM A DeMers
PublisherEgghead Books
Publication Date01-Nov-15
Book DescriptionIt's hard to tell fact from fiction, especially when you're a ghost..., , Bestselling mystery novelist Lily Harrington has been found hanging in her home in the tiny, oddball haven of Point Roberts, Washington, and all signs point to suicide. Worried the truth will be buried with her, Lily teams up with Marcus Mantova, the sexy detective of her novels, to influence the investigation and catch her killer. Yet no sooner has Lily come to terms with the existence of Marcus, the womanizing egomaniac she had thought a product of her imagination, than dead Whatcom County detective Penelope Winters also worms her way onto the case. Lies, frauds, and competing agendas take Lily on a roller-coaster ride over heaven and earth until, at last, she discovers the truth and another chance at life., , , , Author M. A. Demers returns to the world of fiction with an exploration of the nature of creativity, and continues her examination of the interrelationship between the spirit and physical worlds, rebirth, and the journey we take to get there. Darkly humorous yet lighter than her first mystery novel, Baby Jane, The Point Between is in equal measure funny, thought-provoking, poignant, and suspenseful.
Editorial Review"As a mystery writer I really enjoyed all of the wonderful ideas about the afterlife M.A. Demers had with The Point Between! ... This book was a real page turner. I highly recommend it!" - Teresa Trent, Cozy Mystery Writer (, 5 STARS "Demers does a great job of telling her story while developing characters with depth and personality. An effective way of provoking some 'metaphysical' questions and inquiries. All the more enjoyable because it is set in my hometown, Point Roberts, Wa." - Annelle Norman, 5 STARS "Fun read with charming characters. Interesting point of view from the ghost of the victim who is trying to solve her own murder along with a few other ghosts. Loads of twists and turns and overall entertaining." - Kim Reed, NetGalley Review, 5 STARS "Cute read! If you love dime-store mystery novels, this will be right up your alley. There are several twists and turns, and the ending was somewhat unexpected." - Yvie Field, NetGalley Review, 4 STARS "A well-paced compelling read with touches of humor." - Juanita Foster, NetGalley Review, 4 STARS
Number of Pages230